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Home loans will probably be an important part of making
your real estate dreams come true.

A key step in the home buying process is choosing the right type of loan for your needs. There are many types of loans, each having advantages and disadvantages; the right choice depends on your plans for the home. This article will provide you with a basic understanding of your options.

Talking with a lender early in the process puts you ahead of the game. They can explain what interest rate and payment to expect with each type of loan. They'll also let you know how much you can be approved for based on your financial position. There is often a difference between what the bank will lend you and what you think you can afford; sometimes they'll approve you for more and other times less. Knowing both the lender's limit, as well as your own, is important.

Whether you are a UAE National or an expatriate from any other country you are now legally entitled to purchase a home at any of the developments designated for that purpose in the Emirates of Dubai

You can also read more about your choices, in terms of the types of Finance a home available

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