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About Dubai

Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is one of the great success stories internationally in the process of economic development. Traditionally the trading hub of the Region, Dubai is now extending its success into tourism, entertainment, finance and knowledge based industries. Dubai has rapidly become a vital real estate hub in the world and is considered by many as home.

Dubai's strategic location is also a key element in its success. The heart of one of the worlds richest regions, Dubai is located midway between the Far East and Europe. Over 120 shipping lines and 100 airlines connect to more than 140 global destinations. The award winning Emirates airlines is ever expanding into new destinations.

Multi-national companies increasingly see Dubai as the obvious choice for establishing operations in the Region. Proximity to the Indian subcontinent also not only gives access to a market of over 1 billion people but the ability to benefit from an increasingly talented and competitive labor supply.

The pursuit of excellence has resulted in one of the best infrastructure facilities in the world. State of the art telecommunications, reliable power, modern schools and healthcare are all attracting an increasingly multi-cultural and highly trained workforce. The Government projects a doubling of population by the year 2010. Luxurious living, the finest cuisine and world class shopping are now the hallmarks of Dubai enjoyed by residents and visitors alike.

Dubai has long earned its reputation as a pre-eminent commercial centre with an innovative, dynamic and entrepreneurial business culture.

A modern, safe, multicultural city with state-of-the-art medical, education, entertainment, shopping and sports facilities, and a plethora of amenities that make for a very high quality of life, Dubai is a city of choice for the modern professional and an ideal location for multinationals to establish a regional presence.
It is a place of fascinating fusion between modern marvels and timeless traditions. A hub for travelers and traders, Dubai sits on the calm blue waters of the Southern Persian Gulf, offering visitors and locals a glimpse into the exotic charms and diverse culture of the Middle East.

Boasting some of the finest living standards in the world, Dubai ultra-modern architecture sits in stark contrast to its traditional mosques. Dubai is a city of wonders and has a seemingly endless source of appeal, whether it is shopping, sightseeing, or simply relaxing, this Dubai offers it all.


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